How I trained my discipline with 100 Push-ups Challenge 💪 💪💪


I have problems with discipline and regularity. For me it is hard to keep doing something in the long term.

Let’s the challenge begin!

✅ Done!

Yesterday I have completed this challenge.

Let’s make it harder 😀

And as a second extra goal I wanted to make 100 push-ups in one set! This was really hard! I almost gave up! But I believe that maybe I still could do it! And I keep trying and reached a success! 💪💪💪 I’ve done 101 pushups in one set!

☝️Lessons learned

  • Setup an inspiring clear goal. Realistic but hard enough.
  • Doing it everyday.
  • Make it public.
  • Be with people who also challenge themselves.

Public Checklist

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