I quit my job and I have one year to get to profitability

Update: May 2019



This dream started at a crucial moment

It is better to be a 26 year old man who hates his job and quit than to be a 36 year old man who hates his job.

I have too small coding experience :(

  • WhenToSurf — web app that shows best time to search based on your location: Revenue: $16 from donations.
  • PushToDeploy — physical big red button that allows you to deploy your site when you hit it. Revenue: -$77.13 (didn’t get enough money in pre sales to start manufacturing so I refunded all)
  • DarkModeList — list of apps that support dark mode. Revenue: $100


If you have a goal doesn’t matter how long it will take. Time will pass in any case. Only matters how you will spend this time: not doing and regretting or die trying :) So get the fuck outta company and follow your true passion :D

The first step in successfully shipping products is to find a product that people genuinely like and are interested in buying.

  • Do you really need to be a domain knowledge expert with 1,000 years of experience prior to creating your startup?
  • Should you do it AirBnB style and work on a single product launch for two years and don’t give-up?
  • Do I create one new start up every single day, throwing virtual spaghetti at the wall and hoping something would eventually stick?
  • I don’t finish everything that I start. I have yet to finish any of the ten coding courses I have registered for.
  • I’m not overly disciplined. I struggle to organize myself and complete boring tasks like CSS that never work out. I know they are necessary to achieve my bigger goals but procrastinating them is so much more enjoyable.
  • I don’t have consistency. Catch me working in a coffee shop for 14 hours on Monday. Catch me watching 14 hours of pointless Youtube videos on Tuesday.
  • I’m not the best coder. I only know basic HTML, CSS, JS and PHP. I don’t use Git and I host everything in Dropbox (everybody stay calm!).

The time is now!

Here are the parameters:

  • Period: 17 Mar 2018–17 Mar 2019
  • Goal: $1000 / mon revenue
  • Minimum expenses as possible around $500 /mon
  • Chart with revenue: AndreyAzimov.com/open
  • Progress in WIP Chat
  • No relationship for better focus and avoid drama :). Success first and girls later :)
  • This blog is not going to be my main focus. My main focus is going to be creating products and using this blog as an accountability update.
  • My plan is starts with launching Sheet 2 Site and see if people want this if no I will go to a next idea

Want to see if I reach my goal?

🔮 Check my new project

UPD: Check what happen next month 👇




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