🏆 I’m Product Hunt’s Maker of the Year!

This was 4th Annual Golden Kitty awards and it was the biggest one .

People nominated their favorite products from over 12,000 total that have been launched in 2018 on Product Hunt. There were only 322 products left in the final and people voted for the best products in 22 categories.

I won:

It took me almost two years from when I first learned to code, build my first web app and launched it Product Hunt till I now when I have won best side project and become a maker of the year.

Congrats my friends who won or were nominated:

Product Hunt is a unique website.

It helped a lot of indie developers find their first clients and generate their first revenue.

I made 9 apps and all of them I launched on Product Hunt. All my apps got around 80,000 unique visitors for the time that Product Hunt analytics tracked, but the real number is probably more like 90,000–100,000.

Just imagine how much this could cost if I bought this traffic from Google or Facebook ads?

Start making something today!

I keep seeing that people dreaming about making a side project but never doing it or continuing to polish it but never launching.

Don’t be that person! If you have an idea you should start making something today!

Here is a small video from my celebration 🎉 🎉 🎉

What’s next?

Want to see if I reach my goal?

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What happen next 👇


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